Value_ForWebRetailer-driven advertising plays a significant role in the commercial and marketing mix for retailers and suppliers, brands and distributors. CR provides an enhanced level of visibility and transparency to this ‘below the line’ advertising mediums of retailers including catalogues, newspapers, Electronic Data Messages and Online.



The commercial opportunity of gaining maximum value is evidenced by the retailer catalogue industry being valued at $2bn* (*Australian Catalogue Association 2014). This value is maximised by CR’s ability to apply traditional ‘above the line’ share-of-voice methodologies, to retailer catalogues, and ultimately provide a deeper understanding of these mediums.

Commercially Retail provides up-to-date analytics across these advertising mediums, including SOV reporting and data to product level, including competitive retailer analysis and pricing information in an online environment. All advertising is electronically archived in a visual format for easy access both from a current and an historical perspective.

So whether it is providing ‘category management solutions’ around support levels for an individual product, through to understanding category support levels in a competitive perspective, CR has the solution at hand.