What value does Commercially Retail Digital Deliver?

Commercially Retail Digital delivers daily intelligence in terms of the online marketplace. It simplifies the complex task & time consuming process of monitoring the online offering. Our retailer coverage in Digital spans across Grocery, Mass Merchants/DDS and Pharmacy channels.

Our Services tackle the evolving opportunity of online retail merchandising, product positioning and associated competitiveness in an online world.

  • Delivered in a standardised fact base allowing more quality time to be focused on competitive positioning in terms of optimal ranging and pricing

  • Similar to an instore environment retailers and brand owners must deliver the very best offering online, to entice profitable consumers

  • Reports for product price competitiveness and associated ranging are instantaneously available

  • We provide fact based reporting and supporting insights that allow for benchmarking against the defined competitive set on a regular basis

  • Clients are able to measure performance against defined goals, with an appreciation for brand equity for the competitive set when setting these objectives

  • Access to thousands of points of information that are aligned in terms of product, category and retailer, in both granular and summary formats

  • Proprietary cloud based technologies scour the web on a structured basis delivering enormous data sets. These sets are then compressed and indexed via Commercially Retail’s proprietary technologies

  • Our human intervention plays a large role in the verification and auditing of products and services on a daily basis

CR Digital